Bariatric surgery has proved beneficial in obese diabetics


Dr RV Jayakumar    17 October 2017

How does obesity reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes Obesity prevention will help to reduce the epidemic of diabetes because when there is obesity there is IR. Once you lose weight insulin became more sensitive and functions properly and we are able to control diabetes. That s why type 2 diabetes a disease mainly caused by IR obesity is common in many patients especially truncal obesity. What are the therapeutic interventions to reduce the burden of obesity Not only drugs but lifestyle changes are also part of therapeutic armamentarium. Drugs play only a minor part it is exercise and dietary restriction of calories which do the main work. Drugs which are known to reduce weight may act by increasing the insulin sensitivity. Most of the other drugs have side effects. If somebody has gross obesity he she may benefit from bariatric surgery which can reduce the weight and in the bargain get diabetes also under remission. Does bariatric surgery have a role in nonobese diabetes Bariatric surgery has proved to be beneficial in obese diabetes but its role in non obese type 2 diabetes is an area of controversy. Then are few publications which claim to have brought diabetes under remission in nonobese patients who have undergone bariatric surgery. But evidence is not enough to recommend bariatric surgery for nonobese type 2 diabetes. As it is still an experimental area so patient consent is required cost is also a factor.

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