Acne - A marker of metabolic syndrome


Dr Anil Ganjoo    06 October 2017

A new finding linking insulin resistance and acne manifestation in post adolescent males has been found. This could aid in early adulthood diagnosis of pre diabetes and risk of future diabetes. Similar evidence linking polycystic ovary syndrome with hirsutism and skin pigmentation disorders acanthosis nigricans particularly on the axillae has been found in females. Presence of cutaneous manifestations of common endocrine disorders should be noted and lead physicians to promptly explore patients for metabolic abnormalities. These patients would require immediate follow up with an diabetes endocrinology and metabolism specialist. Early diagnosis and prevention of metabolic disorders is critical in India the diabetes capital of the world also hosting a significant portion of the global polycystic ovary disorder population all physicians should note these findings both from studies published online on December 23rd in JAMA Dermatology by Dr. Mohit Nagpal MD Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research PGIMER Chandigarh and Dr. Timothy Schmidt MD PhD University of California San Francisco UCSF respectively. Further links between dermatological markers and hormonal imbalance are likely to be found in the near future.

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