Karnataka Agitation Update


Dr Ravi Wankhedkar    17 November 2017

KARNATAKA AGITATION REPORT UPDATE. As you are aware that all the drs of karnataka stae are agitating against the proposed draconian CEA of karnataka since last 1 month. Due the 1 st massive protest in Banglore last month the bill was referred to assembly select committee. Thereafter it was passed by cabinet and was to be tabled in the current assembly session at Belgaum. As even the amended bill was quite draconian There was total shut down observed on 3 rd Nov. Thereafter National ima action committe met on 10 th in Delhi and decided to exxtend full support to karnataka. As decided there Dr Ravi Wankhedkar NPE Dr R N Tandon participated in the massive protest held at Belgaum in front of Vidhan Soudha Assembly session is going on in Belgaum on 13 th Nov. More than 20 000 drs had gathered there to show their protest. It was unprencedented show of strength by our drs in karnataka. They were enthusiastic spontaneous determined to fight the injustice. CM immediately called for negotiatiions. He was quite positive but apparently the health minister is adamant. The tabling of bill was deferred. CM told that he will reconsult cabinet CLP and come back again. To maintain pressure on government to actually get the agreed amendments tabled in the bill various protests continue in karnataka. Fast unto death at Belgaum opp assembly by ima state president dr ravindran 5 others enters 3 rd day. Relay hunger strike by all branches. Leaders of all branches are visiting Belgaum to express solidarity. Spontaneous opd closure through out state. Sit in protest in banglore. Bill NOT tabled yet. In lieu of this developments there is a demand that some sort of protest should be organised nation wide to express solidarity with our karnataka brethren. Kindly express your thoughts on further plan of action by HQ . You can put in this google group or send mail wapp to NP HSG.

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