eSpiritual: The Five Interior Powers


Dr KK Aggarwal    18 November 2017

To be in a state of happiness bliss and ananda is what the ultimate goal of life is. Everybody is born with certain inherent powers which if cultivated in the right direction will lead to inner happiness. The ancient Shiva Sutra text talks about the concept of Shiva and Shakti. Shiva is silence Shakti is power Shiva is creativity Shakti is creation Shiva is love Shakti is loving. In computer terminology Shiva is the knowledge or the information and Shakti is the operational software. Shiva and Shakti both together form consciousness in other words the soul. The Shiva sutra teaching about Shiva describes five inherent powers of Shakti which everybody is born with. These are Chitta Shakti Ananda Shakti Gyan Gnana Shakti Ichha Shakti and Kriya Shakti . Kriya Shakti is the one which is most visible. Kriya is not same as karma. Karma is action born of cause and effect. Kriya Shakti is at the level of body and mind. Ichha Shakti is the inherent desire which controls the mind. Gyan Shakti is the inherent desire to learn and is at the level of intellect. Both Ananda and Chitta Shakti are at the level of consciousness and represent the desires or aim to be blissful. These five powers also decide the needs of a person which can be at the level of physical body mind intellect ego or the soul. The needs activate the Shakti which in turn leads to action. The purpose of life should be to direct the needs and the Shaktis towards the soul and not towards the ego. The power of Kriya Shakti should have all the actions directed towards the soul Gyan Shakti should be directed towards the knowledge of the true self Ichha Shakti towards the desire or intention to unite with the self Anand Shakti and Chitta Shakti towards the awareness of God and to experience the bliss of God. All thoughts speech or actions in life should be directed on two basic goals providing happiness to others and achieving self happiness. Every action and relationship in life should involve these five powers to attain inner happiness. Most computers in the body require a key to get activated and the key in the case of Shakti is intention or intent . Intentions are something which are under the control of a person or one can practice control over them. Intention always requires the association of its buddy attention with it. Attention is the focus of action on that particular intention. The combination of intention and attention can change perceptions of life and ultimately change the reality. It has been an old Upanishad saying that you are what your thoughts are. Right intention leads to the right thought the right thought to right action the right action to the right habit the right habit to the right character and the right character leads you to what you are. The punch line therefore is to have right intention which should be directed towards one of the five Shaktis to acquire spiritual well being. Health is not mere absence of disease but a state of physical mental social environmental and spiritual well being. Spiritual well being now has been added as the fifth dimension of the health. It has been said that the body is the largest pharmaceutical armamentarium in the world and has the capacity to produce each and every drug available in the universe. This is based on the fact that no drug can go into the body without a receptor. The very fact the body has a receptor for every drug means it has the capacity to produce that drug. All yogic paths to liberation are also directed towards these Shakti. One adopts the path of karma by activating Kriya Shakti Gyan Marg by activating Gyan Shakti and Bhakti Marg by activating Ichha Shakti. Faulty lifestyle also involves distractions of three of these powers Ichha Gyan or Kriya Shakti. Correct lifestyle involves the correct use of Kriya Shakti in doing actions correct use of Gyan Shakti by acquiring knowledge about self and healthy behavior and correct use of Ichha Shakti by learning the dos and don ts of life and controlling the mind towards various addictions of life which can be addition of food sex drugs alcohol smoking sleeping not walking and or eating faulty Rajsik cum Tamsik high refined carbohydrate diet Disclaimer The views expressed in this write up are my own .

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