Inspirational Story: That little girl


eMediNexus    19 November 2017

Have you ever not wanted to do something so badly that you would rather die than go Well that s how I felt about joining Madcaps and volunteering at Saint Vincent De Paul Homeless shelter. But now I believe that you should have an open mind to things because in the end you might just end up enjoying it. It s a waste of time I said when my mom told I had to join Madcaps a mothers and daughters club assisting philanthropies and then when she told me I had to volunteer at a homeless shelter I thought this just could not get worse. We got there late of course and walked to the dirty homeless shelter where we saw a lady yelling at the security guard. He dealt with her and then led us to the kitchen where we ran into my five fellow Madcaps class of 2017 mothers and daughters. Since I m usually so socially awkward I had met only one person at the pool party earlier this year. I looked around for her but she was not there. Damn I was alone When the head of the kitchen came out and asked for 3 mothers to work outside the kitchen to clean up the plates and silverware my mom just so happened to volunteer leaving me to serve food with people I had never met before. Soon the homeless families started to walk in and a little girl around 5 years old walked up and pointed to the food I was handing out. I handed her the cold sandwich wrapped in the sticky plastic she nodded in a form of saying thanks and then walked to join her family at the large table. As she walked away I thought of how much I had. I get to go to one of the top schools in San Diego I have a great house by the water and I have a warm meal every night. Then I thought of how little she had. She probably didn t go to school and this is where she sleeps and eats every day. It took that little girl to make me realize just how lucky I am. After that moment I had a change of heart. Now I love Madcaps and don t miss one meeting I have gotten over being socially awkward and now have many friends who I hang out with on a regular basis. And this year I am sure I will do more than the required 20 hours of philanthropies. I believe that if you have an open mind about things you can learn a lot about yourself and the people in your community you can make new friends and realize just how lucky you are. I believe that if you have an open mind to things you can accomplish more and become a better rounded person. I believe you can make a difference just by doing one thing you don t want to do.

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