Family behaviors impacting self-management activities of adults with Type-2 diabetes.


eMediNexus    23 November 2017

The goal of a new study published in Diabetic Medicine was to identify family behaviors that adults with Type 2 diabetes perceive as having an impact on their diabetes self management. This meta synthesis included studies which provided direct quotations from Type 2 diabetes patients describing the influence of families on their self management from the databases EMBASE Medline and CINAHL published from 2000 through October 2016. It was found that adults with Type 2 diabetes perceive family behaviors to be either facilitators of diabetes self management barriers to diabetes self management or equivocal behaviors with the potential to both support and or impede diabetes self management. Additionally seven sub themes were identified including four facilitator sub themes positive care partnerships family watchfulness families as extrinsic motivator and independence from family two barrier sub themes obstructive behaviors and limited capacity for family support and one equivocal behavior subtheme regular reminders and or nagging . The findings were summarized as although most family behaviors are perceived by adults with Type 2 diabetes as facilitators of or barriers to self management some behaviors were perceived as being neither clear facilitators nor barriers these were termed equivocal behaviors . It was sated that if the concept of equivocal behaviors is confirmed it may be possible to encourage family members of Type 2 diabetes patients to reframe these behaviors so that they are perceived as enabling their diabetes self management.

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