Effects of Cilnidipine on Changes in Heart Rate and QT Interval During Dialysis


eMediNexus    27 November 2017

Hemodialysis patients have poor prognosis on account of heightened prevalence of cardiovascular diseases. Such events may be reduced with the introduction of treatment options to suppress increases in sympathetic nerve activity and QT prolongation. The L N type Calcium Ca channel blocker cilnidipine inhibits sympathetic nerve activity and has been shown to ameliorate QT prolongation in experimental model. A study published in Kidney and Blood Pressure Research evaluated whether cilnidipine has inhibitory effects on heart rate an index of sympathetic nerve activity and QT prolongation in patients undergoing dialysis. Patients were administered amlodipine for 4 weeks followed by cilnidipine for 4 weeks. On the last day of each period heart rate and corrected QT interval were estimated and compared between the two periods. Cilnidipine led to greater suppression of heart rate during dialysis as compared to amlodipine. Three of 17 patients demonstrated prominent QT prolongation during administration of amlodipine but not cilnidipine. Cilnidipine may inhibit increases in heart rate and QT interval thus having beneficial effects in reducing cardiovascular events caused by increased sympathetic nerve activity and lethal arrhythmias in hemodialysis patients.

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