A Novel Microdevice for Rapid Neutrophil Purification and Phenotyping in Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus.


eMediNexus    30 November 2017

A new article published in Small reported on a novel integrated micro device for single step neutrophil sorting and phenotyping chemotaxis and formation of neutrophil extracellular traps NETosis which required small blood volumes fingerprick . The article illustrated that here untouched neutrophils are purified on chip from whole blood directly using biomimetic cell margination and affinity based capture and are exposed to preloaded chemoattractant or NETosis stimulant to initiate chemotaxis or NETosis respectively. Device performance is first characterized using healthy and in vitro inflamed blood samples tumor necrosis factor alpha high glucose followed by clinical risk stratification in patients with T2DM. Notably high risk T2DM patients characterized by severe chemotaxis impairment reveal significantly higher C reactive protein levels and poor lipid metabolism characteristics as compared to low risk subjects and their neutrophil chemotaxis responses can be mitigated after in vitro metformin treatment. It was stated that this unique and user friendly microfluidics immune health profiling strategy can significantly aid the quantification of chemotaxis and NETosis in clinical settings and be further translated into a tool for risk stratification and precision medicine methods in subjects with metabolic diseases such as T2DM.

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