Draft salient decisions taken by the IMA Central Working Committee (Part 2)


Dr KK Aggarwal    02 October 2017

  • The House was informed that MBBS students are being given free medical text books by IMA Maharashtra State Branch. It was decided to adopt this as a National Project. Current project details may be obtained by IMA HQs. from IMA Maharashtra State and necessary action be taken accordingly.
  • The House approved the decision of the Finance Standing Committee of IMA to invest in various investment instruments approved by the Charity Commissioner of India.
  • All Wings / State / Local Branches of IMA who conduct various Courses, should essentially ensure that they conduct only those courses which are covered under the aims and objectives of the Wing / State / Local Branch. No Wing should bypass its eligibility while conducting Courses. Efforts to be made to have a uniform fee structure for all courses conducted by IMA and its Wings. Dr KK Kalra, CEO, IMA HQs. was requested to suggest ways and means of popularizing the Fellowship of IMA CGP so as to give it its due recognition. It would also help in appointment of Fellows of IMA CGP in specialty hospitals as Family Medicine Specialists and admission of their patients accordingly.
  • Procedures to be adopted to award IMA Credit hours for Fellowship of IMA CGP.
  • Readers of JIMA and IMA Journal to be awarded IMA Credit Hours per Edition.
  • Free membership of IMAAMS and IMACGP for this year will end on 27th No wings will collect any money for this membership. Rs 200/- charged by wings shall be refunded.
  • The House authorized IMA HQs. to partner with other organizations to co-organize medical events as their Knowledge partner.
  • IMA may allow its logo be used by other organizations and in turn will get 10% of the turnover of the event subject to the condition that the organization and the event is not beyond the aims and objectives of IMA.
  • Bio medical waste rules: IMA shall come out with a white paper on Bar code and liquid waste
  • IMA GP Retainer Ship Policy: The House agreed that the General Practitioners (GP) can be hired by 5-member families on retainership basis. Under such an agreement, the families will be provided:
  • One OPD consultation per week
  • One monthly home visit and
  • Visits or treatments in case of emergencies
  • As a measure to retain the General Practitioners, IMA will organize yearly program on “How to start a GP clinic” for the fresh graduates and Young Doctors.
  • IMA HQs to organize orientation workshop for office bearers of State / Local Branches at the start of every year to make them aware of the working of IMA HQs. and have better coordination with them all year round.
  • IMA HQs shall come out with other zonal councils, on the lines of IMA North East Regional Council.
  • IMA shall have a Constitution Cell, which will look out for and shall study all the time-bound Government orders, proposed amendments in Government Rules or Acts or Government proposed new Acts and bring the same to the knowledge of the leadership of IMA, so that IMA views can be submitted on them in a timely manner.
  • Report of MCI Study Group (Jacob Mathew, Pt. Parmanand Kataria Guidelines) were accepted and passed by the House.
  • Report of the Study Group (Indian Medical services) constituted by President, MCI was accepted and passed by the House.
  • Draft Report of the MCI Study Group with reference to formulation of guidelines in the context of mandate incorporated at Rule 8.6 of the Code of medical ethics Regulations 2002 was accepted and passed by the House.
  • Proposed IMA policy One Drug: One Company: One Price shall be followed with the government
  • West Bengal Clinical Establishments Act:It was resolved that the IMA West Bengal State Branch and its local branches shall file a case in Kolkata High Court against its Constitutional validity and request for the removal of the draconian points in the same.  It was also resolved that IMA Bengal State Branch, along with all its branches shall peruse amendments with the government.
  • Karnataka CEA:The House was informed that it has referred to the Joint Action Committee.

(To be contd.)

Dr KK Aggarwal                                                   Dr RN Tandon

National President IMA                                   Hony Secy General IMA

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