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ESpiritual: The Buddha Description of a Disease: Desire, Hatred and Ignorance
Dr K K Aggarwal,  20 April 2020
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According to Buddhism, three negative emotions cause a disease and they are “ignorance, hatred and desire”. According to the Buddhist philosophy, physical sicknesses are classified into three main types -

  1. Disorders of the desire (Ayurvedic equivalent Vata Imbalance): These are disharmony of the wind or energy. The seed of these disorders is located in the lower part of the body. It has cold preferences and affected by mental desires. A person suffers from the disorders of movement functions.
  2. Disorders of the hatred (Ayurveda equivalent Pitta imbalance): It is due to disharmony of the bile. The seed of these disorders is centered in the middle and upper part of the body and is caused by the mental emotion hatred. In Ayurveda text, it is equivalent to “Pitta” disorder. The person suffers from metabolic and digestive abnormalities.
  3. Disorders of the ignorance (Ayurveda equivalent Kapha imbalance): It is due to the disharmony of phlegm, which is generally centered in the chest or in the head and is cold in nature. It is caused by the mental emotion ignorance.

Desire, hatred and ignorance are the main negativities mentioned in Buddhist philosophy. They are all produced in the mind. Once produced, they behave like a slow poison. The Udanavarga once said, “From iron appears rust, and rust eats the iron”, “Likewise, the careless actions (karma) that we perform, lead us to hellish lives.

According to other scriptures, six afflictions are most troublesome - ignorance, hatred, desire, miserliness, jealousy and arrogance. Patience is the most potent virtue a person can acquire. According to the Shanti Deva, “There is no evil like hatred, and there is no marriage like patience. Therefore, dedicate your life to the practice of patience.”

Bhagvad Gita mentions the enemies as Kama, Krodha, Lobh, Moh and Ahankar and out of these, Kama, Lobh and Ahankar as the three gateways to hell.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this write up are entirely my own.

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