Resveratrol Does Not Protect from Ischemia-Induced Acute Kidney Injury.


eMediNexus    11 December 2017

A new study published in the Kidney & Blood Pressure Research examined direct renal protection by resveratrol (RSV), in vivo, using a rat model of ischemia/reperfusion (I/R)-induced acute kidney injury (AKI) equipped with intensive monitoring. In this experiment, AKI was induced by bilateral renal clamping (45 min) followed by reperfusion. Solvent-free RSV was continuously infused intravenously in a total volume of 7 ml/kg/h, beginning at 30 min before renal clamping. At a mean arterial blood pressure below 70 mmHg for more than 5 min, bolus injections of 0.5 ml 0.9% NaCl solution were administered repetitively. The results showed no differences between normoxic control groups with or without RSV. While, bilateral renal clamping, followed by reperfusion caused a progressive increase in creatinine, cystatin C and CK, a decrease in cellular ATP content as well as diuresis. In addition, infusion of RSV increased sirtuin-1 expression after ischemia/reperfusion, and was associated with decreased blood pressure during ischemia and early reperfusion, accompanied by an increased requirement of bolus injections as well as with increased expression of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) α. Thus, RSV did not exert protective effects on I/R-induced AKI in the present short-term in vivo model. It was stated that the lack of protection may be connected to the aggravation of blood pressure instability.

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