Sex Differences in Insulin Action and Secretion.


eMediNexus    13 December 2017

A recent article published in Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology reported that factors which may contribute to the sex-related differences in glucose metabolism include differences in lifestyle, sex hormones, and body composition. This article elaborated on a study on postprandial glucose metabolism conducted in 120 men and 90 women, after the ingestion of a mixed meal. The findings revealed that while the rate of meal glucose appearance was higher in women than men, rates of glucose disappearance were higher in elderly women than elderly men. On the other hand, young women had lower rates of glucose disappearance than young men. Therefore, it was inferred that gender has an impact on postprandial glucose metabolism, and sex differences in carbohydrate metabolism may have important implications for approaches to prevent and manage diabetes in an individual.

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