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Saline solution: A safe and valuable therapeutic support for rhinosinusitis

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Rhinosinusitis, marked by nasal stuffiness, congestion, postnasal drip, blunted sense of smell and taste, and yellow-green nasal drainage is one of the commonest reasons for patients’ visit to the primary care physicians or specialists.1 Nasal congestion, the main symptom of this disease causes great discomfort and contributes significantly to absenteeism from school or work. It has been reported to be a substantial source of morbidity, prompting an increase in healthcare costs.1,2

Increased quantity or viscosity of sinus secretions in rhinosinusitis often overwhelm the clearing capacity of the nose, and, in turn, lead to pooled secretions and secondary bacte­rial infection. Medical management of this disease involves the use of antibiotics, decongestants, mucolytics, and corticosteroids.1 Besides, a vast line of scientific evidence suggests the use of saline as an adjunct therapy.1,3 It helps in promoting ciliary function and reducing edema, thereby improving drainage through sinus ostia. Also, it may aid in eliminating bacteria.1

In content to this, a study has demonstrated significant improvement in the symptoms of rhinosinusitis with the use of a saline nasal spray.2 Furthermore, researchers have stated that isotonic saline is an effective choice that has a favorable tolerability profile with no adverse clinical effects.4


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