Drugs that I cant Avoid Knowing About: Canagliflozin


Dr Dharmendra Jain, Varanasi    19 December 2017

action. Regarding CV risk factor reduction, canagliflozin is now confirmed to be CV beneficial with potential renoprotection in a diverse patient population. It lowers blood glucose levels and BP via osmotic dieresis. It increases urinary caloric loss with reductions in body weight and reduces albuminuria possibly due to alterations in tubuloglomerular feedback. It has shown HF benefits over and above β-blocker and diuretic usage in CANVAS Program. Canagliflozin can be the treatment of choice for diabetic nondippers as it suppress sodium overload during daytime to reduce evening BP and albuminuria.

The safety and efficacy in Indian T2DM patients is well-established. Adverse events leading to discontinuation were similar to placebo. Increased risk of (class effect) UTI, genital mycotic infection and volume depletion related AEs. No increase in the risk of hypoglycemia, acute kidney injury, hyperkalemia, cancer, pancreatitis or VTE was seen with canagliflozin vs. placebo.

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