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Medical voice 22nd October 2020
Dr KK Aggarwal,  22 October 2020
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Plasma therapy may soon be off Covid treatment protocol

New Delhi: Citing findings of Indias study on the convalescent plasma therapy for Covid that the treatment is ineffective in reducing mortality among severe patients, Indian Council of Medical Research chief Dr Balram Bhargava said the therapy is likely to be off the standard treatment protocol for management of the diesese. “We have done the largest trial on plasma therapy in the world with 464 patients across 39 hospitals and with more than 350 authors. It has now been accepted in BMJ (the British Medical Journal) and we have received proof, it will appear very soon … more than 10 pages of hardcore science talking about the role of plasma in Covid,” Dr Bhargava said. more

Update on Prostatic Diseases

Where does urology stand in the COVID-19 era? Join us today at 7:00 PM on MEDtalks with Dr K K Aggarwal for an update on Porstatic Diseases.Just click on or

CMAAO Coronavirus Facts and Myth Buster: Back to Basics in Management of COVID-19

With input from Dr Monica Vasudev1115: Round Table Expert Zoom Meeting on “Back to basics in Management of COVID-19”17th October, 2020, 11am-12pm,Participants: Dr KK Aggarwal, Dr AK Agarwal, Prof Mahesh Verma, Dr Suneela Garg, Dr Jayakrishnan Alapet, Dr KK Kalra, Dr Anita Chakravarti, Dr Anil Kumar, Ms Ira Gupta, Dr S SharmaKey points from the discussionThe WHO Solidarity trial has shown that remdesivir, interferon, hydroxychloroquine and ritonavir + lopinavir are not effective. Eli Lilly has halted its trial of its coronavirus antibody drug; J& J paused the trial of its vaccine; although Astra Zeneca has resumed the trial of its vaccine in the UK, India, South Africa, Brazil, the US FDA has not given the go-ahead for the trial to restart. more

World COVID Meter 20th October: Acute manageable immunogenic thrombogenic inflammatory viral disease pandemic

Cases: 1M April 2, 2M April 15, 3M April 27, 4M May 8, 5M May 20, 6M May 30, 7M June 7, 8M June 15, 9M June 22, 10M June 29th, 11M July 4, 12M July 8, 13M July 13, 14M July 17, 15M July 23, 16M July 25, 17M July 29, 18M August 1, 19M August 6, 20M August 10, 21M August 16, 22M August 19, 23M August 21, 24M August 27, 25M August 30, 26M September 3, 27M September 7, 28M September 10, 29M September 14, 30M September 18, 31M September 21, 32M September 23, 33M September 28, 34M October 1, 35M October 4, 36M October 8, 37M October 11, 38M October 14, 39M October 17, 40M October 19 Ground Zero: Wuhan - in live animal market or cafeteria for animal pathogens: 10th January; Total cases are based on RT PCR, 67% sensitivity After months of testing some repurposed drugs, researchers in the largest scientific study for potential COVID-19 treatments have noted that many of the drugs were ineffective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The WHO’s Solidarity trial is the world’s largest ongoing randomized control trial of potential COVID-19 therapeutics. WHO recently released an interim report of patients responses to repurposed drugs, including remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir/ritonavir and interferon, for COVID-19 treatment. [FIRST POST] more

Astik Vs Nastik

Traditionally, people believe that Nastik are people who do not go to temples or related places of worship. They also do not believe in God. To differentiate between Astik and Nastik, we need to first understand the concept of Sanatan Dharma and Arya Samaj Dharma. People who believe in Sanatan Dharma consider God as separate from the self and worship him in the form of an idol. They believe in Dualism theory. Arya Samaj followers do not do idol worship and believe in non-dualism and treat God and self as one. more

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FELUDA Test for COVID 19

Healthcare News Monitor

Alembic Pharma gets USFDA nod for cholesterol lowering drug

IndiaTV-English News

Drug firm Alembic Pharma on Wednesday said it has received approval from the US health regulator for Fenofibrate capsules, which reduces cholesterol and triglycerides in blood. The approved product is therapeutically equivalent to the reference listed drug product Tricor Micronized Capsules of AbbVie Inc. In a regulatory filing, Alembic Pharma said "it has received final approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) for its abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) Fenofibrate capsules USP in the strengths of 67 mg, 134 mg and 200 mg. Fenofibrate capsules are indicated as adjunctive therapy to diet for the reduction of LDL-C, Total-C, Triglycerides and Apo B in adult patients with primary hypercholesterolemia or mixed dyslipideniia.

COVID-19 vaccine delivery: Prepping for challenge extraordinaire


COVID-19 vaccines are likely to be a reality very soon, and the world lives in the belief that it will help vanquish the coronavirus. Yet, as experts rightly point out, ensuring universal access to these vaccines will be a very crucial aspect in the battle strategy against the wily virus which has disrupted lives and livelihoods worldwide. And, supplying billions of COVID-19 vaccine doses efficiently across the globally, with utmost care for their efficacy, when they are approved and available for distribution is going to be the ultimate logistics challenge witnessed until now. A few weeks earlier, DHL along with McKinsey, published a white paper on ‘Delivering Pandemic Resilience’, which highlights, “To provide global coverage of COVID-19 vaccines, up to ~200,000 pallet shipments and ~15 million deliveries in cooling boxes as well as ~15,000 flights will be required across the various supply chain set-ups.”

Hathras case: AMU doctor who questioned FSL report told to go

The Indian Express

A doctor at Aligarh Muslim University’s Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, who had earlier this month told The Indian Express that the FSL report in the Hathras woman’s case “holds no value”, was asked Tuesday “not to perform any further duties”. Apart from Dr Azeem Malik, another doctor, Obaid Haque, has also been issued a similar letter by the hospital. Dr Haque had attested the woman’s medico-legal case report. Citing the FSL report, Uttar Pradesh ADG (Law and Order) Prashant Kumar had earlier told a press conference that the 19-year-old Dalit woman was not raped.

Death for 1, life for 24 for killing Assam doctor


GUWAHATI: A local court on Tuesday awarded death sentence to one convict and life imprisonment to 24 others in a case where a doctor was lynched at Teok Tea Estate in Assam’s Jorhat district 13 months ago, reports Mukut Das. The court awarded death sentence to Sanjay Rajowar, the prime accused in the case. The case pertains to Dr Deben Dutta, a resident doctor at Teok Tea Estate, who was lynched on August 31 last year. After the incident, a police team led by DIG Siva Prasadarrested 32 people and filed a 602page chargesheet. The court examined 56 witnesses during the procedure. “This is the first case in the country where Witness Identity Concealment Approach was used,” police said.

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