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ESpiritual: What is the importance of silence?
Dr KK Aggarwal,  25 October 2020
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True silence is the silence between the thoughts and represents the true self, consciousness or the soul. It is a web of energized information ready to take all, provided there is a right intent. The process of achieving silence is what meditation is.

Observing silence is another way of getting benefits of meditation. Many yogis in the past have recommended and observed silence now and then. Mahatma Gandhi used to spend one day of each week in silence. He believed that abstaining from speaking brought him inner peace and happiness. On all such days, he used to communicate with others only by writing on paper.

Hindu principles also talk about a correlation between mauna (silence) and shanti (harmony). Mauna Ekadashi is a ritual followed traditionally in our country. On this day, the person is not supposed to speak at all and keep complete silence throughout day and night. It gives immense peace to the mind and strength to the body. In Jainism, this ritual has a lot of importance. Nimith was a great saint in Jainism who long ago asked all Jains to observe this vrata. Some people recommend that on every ekadashi one should observe silence; if not the whole day, but for few hours in a day.

Deepak Chopra, in his book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”, talks in great detail about the importance of observing silence in day-to-day life. He recommends that everyone should observe silence for 20 minutes every day. Silence helps redirect our imagination towards self from the outer atmosphere. Even Swami Sivananda, in his teachings, recommended observing mauna for 2 hours for Ekadashi. Take milk and fruits every day, study one chapter of Bhagwad Gita every day, do regular charity and donate one-tenth of the income in the welfare of the society. Ekadashi is the 11th day of Hindu lunar fortnight. Ekadashi is the day of celebration occurring twice a month, meant for meditation and increasing soul consciousness. Vinoba Bhave was a great sage of our country who is known for the bhoodaan movement. He was a great advocator and practical preacher of mauna vrata.

Mauna means “silence” and vrata means “vow”. Mauna vrata therefore means vow of silence. Mauna was practiced by saints to end enmity and recoup their enmity. Prolonged silence, as the form of silence, is observed by the rishi munis involved in prolonged periods of silence. Silence is a source of all that exists. Silence is where conscious dwells. There is no religious tradition which does not talk about silence. It removes worldly communication and forces a dialogue towards inner communication.That’s one reason why all prayer, meditation and worship or any other practice where we attune our mind to the spiritual consciousness within are done in silence. After the death of a person, it is a practice to observe silence for two minutes. The immediate benefit is that it saves a tremendous amount of energy.

Silence is cessation of both sensory and mental activity. It is like having a still mind and listening to the inner mind. Behind this screen of our internal dialogue is the silence of spirit. Meditation is the combination of observing silence and the art of observation.

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this write up are my own).

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