eWellness: Explaining cardiac interventions


Dr KK Aggarwal    15 September 2017

For any traffic management, following are the options:

  • Placing traffic signals can be equated to dos and don’ts of lifestyle management.
  • Posting a traffic inspector on the crossing. This can be equated with clinical cardiologist.
  • Diverting the traffic from main road to side roads. This can be equated to opening collaterals by drugs, exercise.
  • Hiring an architect to make maps. This can be equated to an angiographer doing angiography.
  • Looking for the possibility of widening the roads. This can be equated to balloon angioplasty.
  • To prevent encroachment of widened roads to place railing around the widened roads can be equated to placement of metallic stent.
  • To prevent mishandling of railing, safety grills are put. This can be equated to drug eluting stents.
  • When the roads cannot be widened, flyovers are made, which can be equated to bypass surgery.
  • Flyovers can be made by stopping the traffic. This can be equated to open bypass surgery.
  • Flyovers can be made without disturbing the traffic, this can be equated to heart bypass surgery.

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