Please inform the status of the striking service doctors in Rajasthan


Dr K K Aggarwal    21 December 2017

In-service doctors started their movement regarding their 33 justified demands in month of August as "August Kranti"  First memorandum to Government, black badge then two hour pandown but Govt. didn’t listen then all In-service doctors went on one day Mass CL on 18th Sept. 

All the Movement of in-service doctor was supported by IMA. 

During in-service doctor Aandolan State IMA Constituted a core Committee on 2nd Nov.(Letter Attached).It is sorry to say that Govt. did not give any attention to their Justified demands ultimately on 6th Nov. all In-service doctor resigned from service and started indefinite strike. 

On 8th Nov. resident doctors also started indefinite strike in support of In-service doctors. On 12th Nov. written agreement between core committee and Govt. was finalized and Principal, Health Secretary also has given verbal commitment to convert strike period in paid leave. 

But it is painful to say that before implementing agreement Govt. made modification regarding DACP arrear, still keeping administrative officer on departmental post and illegal transfer of core committee members and their president in mid session.

In protest of the above matters In-service doctors have given a call for agitation from 18 Dec. but to crush the movement Govt. started arresting the doctors when they were doing the duties in the hospitals on 16th Dec. and it is deadly painful that police picked up lady doctors without lady constable under CRPC 151 and the magistrate fined 1.1 Cr. rupees for bail. Doctors denied for the same then magistrate put them behind the bars.

On 16th Dec. state IMA release the press note (Copy Attached) and ask the Govt. to Immediately implement the written agreement with In-service doctors core committee of dated 12th and release the doctors who have been arrested doing their duties otherwise state IMA is going to take the strong step. For which Govt. will be responsible.

 State President of IMA Dr. Mahesh Sharma requested Chief Minister Madam to take personal interest to resolve the matter and also requesting National HQ to discuss matter with Central Health Minister.

Note:- RMCTA and Private doctors, Medical private societies of Rajasthan and All India federation of Govt. doctors association supported the In-service doctors demand and ask the Govt. for  the implementation of agreement. Otherwise harsh step would be taken for which state Govt. will be responsible


Dr. Mahesh Sharma                                           Dr. M.N Thareja                                                                      Dr. Sarvesh Joshi

President, IMA, Raj.                                             State Joint Secretary, IMA,Raj.                                    State Joint Secretary, IMA, Raj

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