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Benefits of postoperative nasal saline instillation

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Surgical operations of the nose are common otorhinolaryngological procedures. Various factors impact the surgical outcomes, of which, postoperative care of nasal cavities plays a pivotal role. This warrants the need of an agent that can help in cleaning the nasal cavities and regenerating nasal mucosa postoperatively.1 With regard to this, saline has gained considerable attention and its use is integrated well in the daily routine by patients who have undergone nasal surgeries like endonasal sinus surgery.2 It is noteworthy that the instillation of saline by spray has been well-tolerated by patients in comparison to other delivery modes. Saline helps in clearing secretions, debris, and crusts; decreasing the risk of postoperative mucosal adhesions; and expediting mucosal healing.3 Therefore, use of saline postoperatively appears to be an attractive option for faster healing.


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