IMA to go on a relay hunger strike of doctors from 1st February |
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IMA to go on a relay hunger strike of doctors from 1st February

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On Thursday, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) had announced a pan-India relay hunger strike of doctors that will start from 1st February 2021. This is in the protest against a notice that was issued by the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) authorizing the post-graduate practitioners of Ayurveda to perform general surgical procedures, affirming that it might lead to "mixopathy".

The IMA has given immediate directions to all the members throughout the country to launch the "Save Healthcare India Movement". Under this drive, the IMA is going to launch a huge awareness initiative in the country due to a clear risk to the safety of public health.

The statement said that doctors are going to take turns to sit for the hunger strike 24x7 from 1st February and the IMA is going to release posters and banners for creating awareness related to this issue in the country. All IMA members will update their Members of Parliament and MLAs about the exact picture of the order and the integration policy. The IMA will give its illustrations to all state governments. All NGOs will also be updated regarding the main issues under this movement.

The association said that all IMA members will write and send their feelings to the prime minister. IMA representatives will visit many places in the country to raise awareness between the public and also explain the various associations from different countries of this "unscientific" order. They feel that the global voice of modern medicine will echo the feelings of the IMA and its members.

The IMA has condemned the notice that was issued by the CCIM, which is a statutory body under the AYUSH Ministry, where they have given authorization to the post-graduate practitioners of Ayurveda to undergo training for performing surgical procedures as excisions of benign tumours, nasal and cataract operations and amputation of gangrene.

The doctors body said that the recent policy angle, as demonstrated in the medical diversity that is supported by the National Education Policy 2020 along with the 4 committees of NITI AAYOG for officially mixing the systems of medicine in medical practice, medical education, public health and administration and research apparently for a "One Nation, One System" policy, is going to worsen all the medicine systems as a whole.

The IMA respects all streams of medicine and healthcare. They are only objecting the mixing of all the streams as unsafe and unscientific. A doctor cannot give all systems of medicine to a single patient. Mixing of the pathies and offering insufficient healthcare is certainly wrong.

Source: The New Indian Express

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