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eWellness: Managing wounds at home
Dr KK Aggarwal,  23 January 2021
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  • A wound refers to a disruption of the normal structure and function of the skin.
  • Antibiotic therapy is not indicated in all wounds and is required only in case of infected wounds.
  • It is important to keep blood sugar under control while managing a wound.
  • All wounds, which are contaminated or have foreign bodies, need debridement.
  • Irrigation of the wound reduces bacterial load and also removes loose material.
  • Wound irrigation can be done with warm saline.
  • Principles of wound management include scrub, clean and dress.
  • Scrubbing - dressing must be done with clean hands, which requires proper scrubbing of the hands.
  • Would cleaning - the wound should first be cleaned.
  • After cleaning, the wound requires a proper dressing.
  • Some wounds may require suturing, especially if the wound is of less than six hours duration.
  • If a finger is cut or a tooth is removed in an accident, it is advisable to preserve the finger or the tooth and take it to the hospital along with the patient for reimplantation.
  • The best way to carry the amputated finger or uprooted tooth is to put them in a plastic bag and put that bag in a box containing ice.
  • Skin burns should first be treated by putting the area under the running water till the burning disappears.
  • In a patient with burns, the blister that forms should not be punctured.
  • Presence of pain is also a good sign and indicates that the burns are superficial.
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