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Inspirational: If and When
eMediNexus,  23 January 2021
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IF and WHEN were two friends. Every week they met for lunch. They usually talked about all the things they were going to achieve. They both had dreams and loved to talk about them.

One Saturday when they met, WHEN could sense that IF was not in a good mood. They sat at their table and ordered their lunch. After placing their order, WHEN asked IF what was wrong with him.

IF replied that he had a feeling that he was not making any progress. He said that last week he saw a course he wanted to take if only he had the time.

WHEN could understand how IF felt. WHEN said that he too saw a course and would register when he manages to get enough money together. WHEN asked IF about the new job he was going to apply for.

IF replied that if his computer didn’t break down last week, he would have applied. His computer is not working, so he could not type his resume.

WHEN told him not to worry and said that another job will come through. WHEN said that he had also been looking for another job, but he will wait and when the weather gets better, he will look then.

The man at the next table overheard their conversation. They were talking about ‘when this’ and ‘if that’.

The man approached them and said that he overheard their talk. He said that probably he knew how to solve their problems.

The gentleman said that they needed to listen to themselves. He said that their talk reminded him of an old proverb: ‘If and When were planted, and Nothing grew’."

IF and WHEN could not understand what he meant. The gentleman smiled and asked them to count how many times they use the words ‘if’ and ‘when’. Rather than thinking ‘if and when’, they must start doing, taking action, stop talking about ‘if and when’."

IF and WHEN realized that what the gentleman said was true. Both of them had been thinking, acting and living their life for the ifs and when’s.

The gentleman left. IF and WHEN pledged that when they met for lunch next Saturday, there would be no "ifs and when’s"; they would talk about what they achieved!

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