Effects of Pelvic Floor Muscles Exercises on Functional Constipation in Children.


eMediNexus    29 December 2017

A new study published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology assessed the effectiveness of combined interferential (IF) electrical stimulation and pelvic floor muscle (PFM) exercises on functional constipation in children. This was a single-center, double-blind randomized clinical trial study conducted during 2014-2017, in which 90 children, aged 5-13 years, who fulfilled Rome III criteria were recruited and randomly assigned into two treatment groups. Forty-five children formed the case group who underwent IF electrical stimulation and PFM exercises, whereas an equal number of children in the control group received PFM exercises plus sham stimulation. It was observed that treatment success was achieved for 88.4% children in the case group and 43.2% children in the control group, post-treatment. In addition, the median constipation score was reduced in both the groups, with cases having significantly lower scores after the treatment. While stool form normalized in 75.6% of the cases and 45.5% of the controls after the treatment. From the findings, it was inferred that using IF electrical stimulation as an adjuvant therapy to the medical and rehabilitation programs significantly boosts the effects of treatment among children with functional constipation.

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