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CMAAO Coronavirus Facts and Myth Buster: Various mutations so far
Dr KK Aggarwal,  27 January 2021
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With input from Dr Monica Vasudev

1326: HCFI Round Table Expert Zoom Meeting on Various Mutations So Far


23rd January, 2021, 11am-12pm

Participants: Dr KK Aggarwal, Dr AK Agarwal, Prof Mahesh Verma, Dr Suneela Garg, Dr Ashok Gupta, Dr Jayakrishnan Alapet, Dr DR Rai, Mr Bejon Misra, Ms Balbir Verma, Ms Upasana Arora,

Dr KK Kalra, Dr Suresh Mittal, Ms Ira Gupta, Dr S Sharma

Consensus Statement of HCFI Expert Round Table


  • Coronavirus has been detected in the cornea. Hence, corneal transplant is not advisable if a patient dies of COVID.
  • Early thromboembolic prophylaxis is now recommended in non-critical and non-hospitalized patients.
  • The UK Prime Minister has said that the new UK strain causes 30% more deaths. For every 1000 deaths, there are 3 additional deaths.
  • The current prevalent strain is D614G (aspartic acid at 614 is replaced by glycine), which increases coronavirus replication and infectivity.
  • The Nigeria mutation P681H (proline to histidine) is a single mutation occurring at 681 (near the S1/S2 furin cleavage site).
  • A mutation named N440K (asparagine to lysine) has been detected in India. This mutation is in the RBM. It is found in Andhra Pradesh (34% of genomes analyzed) and also in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Telangana.
  • In India, two more mutations - C1240Y and P84T - have been seen in the state of Kerala. This mutation also died out.
  • Another mutation is in Australia S477N (serine to asparagine); this is in the RBM. This strain did not spread.
  • Cluster 5 mutation from Denmark, with 69/70 deletion. Diagnostics will not work with 69/70 deletion.
  • Then came N501Y, a spontaneous mutation occurring in immunocompromised individuals. This mutation is found in the new UK, South Africa and Brazil strains.
  • The UK variant VOC 2020-12/01 adopted 681 from Nigeria and 69/70 deletion from Denmark strain. There are 23 gene mutations.
  • The South Africa variant 501.V2; N501Y is the main; other substitutions are K417N lysine with asparagine and E484K glutamic acid with lysine. The new variant has become the predominant strain in South Africa.

Dr KK Aggarwal

President CMAAO, HCFI and Past National President IMA

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