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Alloveda Liver Update: Drug-induced liver injury

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Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is defined as a liver injury induced by a drug or herbal medicines leading to liver test abnormalities or liver dysfunction with reasonable exclusion of other competing aetiologies. DILI is a rare but potentially life-threatening adverse reaction and is one of the major reasons for drug withdrawal from the pharmaceutical market. It accounts for many cases of acute liver failure and is among the leading causes for liver transplantation.

The liver performs vital functions in the body such as metabolism and detoxification of drugs and toxins. Hence, it is more vulnerable to injury than any other organ in the body. The highly variable presentation and severity is distinctive of DILI, which poses a major challenge in diagnosis and management.

Adverse drug reactions are an important cause of liver injury that may require discontinuation of the offending agent, hospitalization, or even liver transplantation. Antituberculosis drugs are reported to be hepatotoxic in up to 35% of patients receiving these medications.

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