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Inspirational: Two Types of People

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This world has two types of people. The first type is that of the internally-motivated ones. They set goals and strive to achieve their goals. These usually do not believe in religion. 

The second type is that of the externally-motivated ones. They need external motivation, i.e., religion, reward, etc. These people usually believe in religion. 

Working with different groups needs a different approach. When working with the second group of people, you may reward them with something or praise them. However, when working with the first group, you may just put them in comparison with another person who is weaker. They would do the rest themselves. 

Many a times, people’s talents and potential get wasted, only because they did not develop it further. Once, there was a student whose mother allowed him to go out with his friends only once a year. He was a GPA-4 student. But he had no social lifestyle, and any talents that he might have were lost. Who knows, maybe he was good at drawing or playing piano or football. 

Depending on the group you belong to, you can identify different things to self-motivate yourself. For the former group, start comparing yourself with weaker counterparts, but don’t let it get to your head. For the latter group, you may start writing down the praises you got from people.

Brain is a powerful thing. You have a talent and if you’ve discovered it, don’t waste it. Motivate yourself to develop it further. If you haven’t discovered it, you will find it one day.

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