Rheumatic Mitral Repair: Replacement is not the Only Option


Dr Amit Chandra, Gurugram    04 January 2018

  1. Two newer studies have found that just by selecting patients older than 40 years of age (when the rheumatic process has died down) and an aggressive resection, the investigators were able to achieve a freedom from re-op of 94% and 98% at 10 years, respectively.
  2. We have developed a comprehensive strategy at Medanta that includes the above mentioned strategy (patient selection and radical resection with reconstruction) in addition to a new technique to obtain large valve opening in stenotic valves called “Medanta correction”. This has given us excellent results in 97 patients that we have operated over 5 years with no re-operation.
  3. Thus, it is possible to have a rheumatic mitral repair with durability equivalent to mechanical valves, and, with the advantages that repair provides to the patient, it is the best that a patient can have.

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