Partnerships for Public Purpose


Dr D Prabhakaran, Gurugram    04 January 2018

  1. The primary healthcare is marred with various challenges such as shortage of trained professionals; uneven distribution of HCPs, absence of a referral network; insufficient on job training programs for physicians and absence of standard teaching protocol for NCDs.
  2. Demand is accentuated by demographic transition in the country, increased lifestyle disorders and growing NCD epidemic.
  3. Our aim is to address the burden of hypertension, diabetes and other NCD in India by improving access to care; aid in task-shifting/sharing; standardizing care, improving quality, reducing medical errors; tracking patient outcome, providing data for refining technique/methods; and offering personalized advice.
  4. mPower Heart Model NCD Clinic is a sustainable evidence-based decision support enabled, healthcare delivery model for the screening and management of HT and DM in HP. It provides screening for HT and DM; structured training on clinical management of HT and DM for medical officers, patient counseling services and follow-up plan.
  5. The need of the hour is to adopt innovative means for addressing these challenges: Shift from individual management strategy to family/group levels; develop new modeling techniques; develop and evaluate new metric of measurement and use technology.

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