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Inspirational: A little monkey and man

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Once, a man was passing through a jungle. He saw a monkey and called it. The monkey came near the man.

The man told the monkey that it was his ancestor and that they should become friends. Using various gestures, he could develop a friendship with the monkey. 

Suddenly they heard a loud roar of a lion. And within seconds a lion pounced in front of them. They had no time to escape. The monkey ran and the man followed it. They both climbed a big tree. They stopped as they reached a safe height.

The lion continued to move under the tree, waiting for them to climb down. The lion was furious and hungry and sat down under the tree. The man was desperately clinging to one of the strong branches, while the monkey was sitting calmly on another branch, as if nothing had happened. After waiting for a few hours, the lion lost patience and proposed that it will let one of them go if it was offered the other one as food.

The man and the monkey talked about it. At one point, they even thought of sacrificing their lives for one another. But, they finally decided to live and die together. The lion was disappointed. It continued waiting under the tree.

The man and the monkey started feeling drowsy. They knew that they could fall down if they slept. They decided to take turns to sleep. 

It was decided that the man would sleep first, while the monkey kept a vigil. The monkey slept in the other half of the night, while the man kept guard.

When the monkey was sleeping, the man started thinking that if he pushed the monkey, the lion would let him go. When the monkey was in deep sleep, the man pushed him down.

The monkey was habitual to such things, and immediately caught one of the branches. It came back to its place in a moment. Without saying anything, he went back to sleep as if nothing had happened. In the morning, the monkey led the man to safety. The lion was still waiting under the tree.

When they had reached at a safer place, the monkey requested the man not to allege that monkeys are ancestors of mankind.

Man without humanity is far inferior to animals.

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