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Inspirational: A simple gesture

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A little boy had to sell magazines for school. He walked up to a house that people seldom visited. It was an old, run down and the owner rarely came out. And whenever he did come out, he would not talk to anyone.

The boy knocked on the door. He was sweating from fear of the old man. He had been told by many people to stay away from the house.

He was just about to walk away when the door slowly opened. The old man asked what the boy wanted. The little boy was afraid but he had a quota to meet for school with selling the magazines.

He told the old man that he had to sell some magazines and requested the old man to buy one. As the old man stared at the boy, the little boy saw inside the old man’s house. He saw dog figurines on the fireplace mantle. The boy excitedly asked the old man if he collected dogs. The old man replied that he had many collectibles in his house, and that they were his family. They were all he had.

The boy felt sad for the man. He went on to show the magazines to the old man and mentioned that he also had one about dogs as he liked dogs so much. The old man said he didn’t need any magazines and closed the door on the boy.

The boy was sad as he felt that he will not be able to make his quota with the sale. He also felt sad for the old man as he was so alone in the big house. An idea struck him. He owned a little dog figurine that was gifted to him by his aunt. He had a live dog and the figurine did not mean really mean much to him. The boy picked the figurine and rushed to the old man’s house. He knocked on the door again. The old man opened the door and almost yelled at the boy that he didn’t want any magazines.

The boy quickly showed him what he had got for him and said that he wanted to bring him a gift. As the boy handed him the figurine, the old man’s face lit up. He was astonished. No one had ever given him such a gift. He appreciated and thanked the boy for what he had done.

From that day on, the old man started coming out of the house more often and acknowledging people. He and the boy became friends. The boy started bringing his dog to see the man weekly.

This simple gesture changed both of their lives forever.

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