eWellness: Crowd management and stampede prevention


Dr KK Aggarwal    23 September 2017

  • Most major crowd disasters can be prevented by simple crowd management strategies.
  • One answer is use of barriers. However, barriers in some cases may funnel the crowd towards an already–packed area, such as in the Hillsborough disaster. Hence barriers can be a solution in preventing or a key factor in causing a stampede.
  • Use loudspeakers to communicate and direct a crowd.
  • Warning signs of a crowd crush include density of more than four people per square meter, at which each person is being touched on four sides.
  • To avoid or escape from a crowd crush, one is advised to move sideways, particularly between swells.
  • After the stampede in the Victoria Hall disaster in 1883, a law was passed in England which required all public entertainment venues to be equipped with doors that open outwards.

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