National Consumer Commission: doctors and hospitals cannot be made to pay compensation in case the IVF does not succeed.


eMediNexus    05 January 2018

The commission based on medical literature and a report from a central government’s hospital that “no success is not a negligence” and therefore, a couple cannot demand damages even if the IVF fails to get them a baby. IVF success varies, depending on your age and your personal health circumstances.


In 1999 a 35-year-old woman had a failed IVF and filed a complaint in the state commission, demanding compensation from an IVF expert from Ganga Ram Hospital on the ground of medical negligence. In 2011, the state commission awarded her a compensation of Rs 15,000 along with interest and wrote “Motherhood is one of the strongest female urges and deprivation thereof comes as a great setback and disappointment bringing about frustration of life in its wake,”.

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