Dont take away our jobs because of a few black sheep: MCI staffers to PMO


eMediNexus    05 January 2018

MCI employees have been contemplating the fate of their own jobs in the event of the NMC bill going through.

According to the second provision of Second 58 of the proposed law, once the new body to replace MCI came into effect, services of current employees would be terminated with "immediate effect", and they would be given three months of pay. This clause would have "disastrous consequences" for over 100 regular employees of the MCI.

"The salary that we earn is the only source of livelihood for our families. We emphasise that all employees are working with utmost sincerity and full dedication...merely because of (a) few black sheep, the entire staff cannot and should not be penalised by depriving them of their employment," the letter to the PM by them says.

The employees have also asked the government to either utilise their services in the new commission, or in any other establishment of the government.

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