Nuclear Imaging is Passe: CMR is the New Gold Standard


Dr Johann Christopher, Hyderabad    06 January 2018

  1. 2D Echo is the first-line investigation for valvular regurgitation. It has complex algorithms and significant inter observer variability.
  2. MRI has a very simple algorithm of the regurgitant volume being the difference of the total stroke volume (LV/RV) and the forward volume (AO/PA), both of which are directly measured without any geometric assumptions. MRI scanners are now available across the length and breadth of the country. The scan requires only 1 hour and is extremely cost-effective.
  3. Cardiac MRI is a noninvasive- and nonradiation-based technique. It looks at wall thickness, myocardial perfusion, delayed enhancement and contractile reserve.
  4. I would consider cardiac MRI as the gold standard for the assessment of valvular regurgitation.

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