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Successful treatment of Tinea with ciclopirox cream: A case report

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The expression "fungus" only means dermatophyte contaminations. Fungus contaminations are characterized by their anatomic area. Fungus manuum – dermatophyte disease of the hands, gives the trademark design—erythema and gentle scaling on the dorsal part of the hands or as a persistent, dry, textured hyperkeratosis of the palms. Most patients with fungus manuum of the palms likewise have athletes foot – dermatophyte disease of the feet. Both these kinds of contagious contaminations ought to be treated with skin and oral antifungal medications.

Case Report 

A 50-year-old female gave dry and layered erythematous plaques on the palm of her right hand. 

She experienced a background marked by contact with a hedgehog – Erinaceus europaeus. 

The lady was determined to have erythrosquamous fungus manuum on her thumb and the thenar prominence. The zoophilic dermatophyte Trichophyton erinacei could be detached from scrapings of the lady′s skin. 

The patient was recommended ciclopirox cream, which adequately lessened the manifestations. 


Ciclopirox is a strong effective specialist for the administration of fungus manuum, onchomychosis, athlete′s foot, fungus corporis/cruris, pityriasis versicolor, seborrheic dermatitis and vuvovaginal candidiasis. The medication is successful against different contagious strains that cause dermatophyte contaminations. It very well may be utilized in simultaneousness with other fundamental antifungal medications and in cases with repetitive contamination, it tends to be applied for prophylactic purposes. This specialist communicates less genuine results and has a decent wellbeing profile. 

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