Ultrasonography and Doppler in Renal Diseases


Dr Arun Gupta, New Delhi    11 January 2018

The diagnosis of renal diseases depends on the size and shape of the kidney, echogenicity, urinary space, masses in the renal contour or architecture and vasculature (resistive index). The clinical applications include CKD, acute renal failure, cystic kidney disease, pain and hematuria, carcinoma screening and transplant nephrology. Procedural applications of ultrasound in nephrology are attributed to its ease of use and availability at the bed side. The procedural applications of ultrasound in nephrology include hemodialysis catheters and post biopsy management. Some other applications of ultrasound in nephrology are hemodialysis vascular access especially arteriovenous fistulae, peritoneal catheters, diagnosis of tunnel infections in peritoneal dialysis catheters assessment of intravascular volume status through examination of the inferior vena cava and detection of lung water.

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