Lockdowns Harm Health but Not More than COVID: Review


eMediNexus    21 July 2021

An international team of researchers who reviewed evidence obtained from across the globe stated that lockdowns imposed during the pandemic are tied to harms to health; however, the level of impact doesn’t seem to be worse than the health effects of COVID-19.

Researchers assessed the impact of lockdowns on mortality rates, use of routine health services, global health programs, suicide, and mental health to ascertain if government restrictions or the COVID-19 infection are responsible for harms to health. Data from the World Mortality Dataset, the largest international databank for all-cause mortality, was used for the review. The dataset has data updated up to mid-2021 from 94 countries that have either imposed COVID-19 restrictions or not.

Researchers noted that there were no locations where a lockdown without large numbers of COVID-19 cases was linked with large numbers of excess deaths, which indicates that the interventions on their own cannot be worse than large COVID-19 outbreaks. Locations with lesser restrictions, on the other hand, appeared to have had huge numbers of excess deaths. The findings are published online in BMJ Global Health… (Medscape)

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