eWellness: Cough and Cold


Dr KK Aggarwal    27 September 2017

  • Cough and cold are common in winter and should not be ignored.
  • Throat pain without cough is usually bacterial in origin and needs medical attention.
  • Sore throat with cough is viral in origin and requires no antibiotics.
  • A red, angry-looking throat is a dangerous sign and needs urgent medical attention.
  • Do not give aspirin for fever in children.
  • Warm saline gargles can be effective in sore throat.
  • Cough not responding to treatment can be due to acidity.
  • Cough can be the only sign of asthma.
  • Do not cough in handkerchief or in the fist or in hand.
  • Always cough on the side sleeves of the shirt.
  • A person who is coughing should stay 3-6 feet away from other persons.
  • People who are coughing should avoid crowded places.
  • Cough lasting for more than two weeks should not ignored.
  • No vitamin or herbal products have been shown conclusively to reduce the incidence of common cold.
  • Saline nasal wash is good for common cold.
  • In the absence of secondary bacterial infection, no antibiotics are required in common cold.

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