The relationship between bone turnover and insulin sensitivity and secretion.


eMediNexus    10 January 2018

A new study published in Bone aimed to explore if bone turnover markers were associated with insulin secretion and sensitivity and to determine if bone turnover markers predict changes in insulin secretion and sensitivity. This study enrolled 576 non-diabetic adult men, of which 503 had normal glucose tolerance (NGT), while 73 had impaired glucose regulation (IGR). The results showed no differences in bone turnover marker levels between NGT and IGR. While baseline markers of bone resorption (CTX) and formation (P1NP) levels decreased by 8.0% and 1.9% between baseline and steady-state, fasting plasma glucose was inversely associated with CTX and P1NP both before and after adjustment for recruitment centre, age, BMI, smoking, and physical activity. Contrastingly, baseline bone turnover markers were neither associated with insulin sensitivity nor with insulin secretion capacity at baseline or at the 3-year follow-up. In inference, this study could not support an association between insulin secretion and sensitivity in healthy, non-diabetic men.

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