Adequancy of treatment with canaglifozin in the health management area.


eMediNexus    10 January 2018

A recent study published in Farmacia Hospitalaria analyzed the impact of a strategy on the suitability of canaglifozin, and its level of acceptance, after issuing recommendations based on drug surveillance alerts issued by the Spanish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (AEMPS). This study included patients with active canaglifozin prescriptions. The study was conducted in three phases, the first one linked to the issuance of the safety information note on the canaglifozin by the AEMPS. A second phase where the medical professional performed the actions, and a final phase in which the degree of acceptance of the recommendations made by the Pharmacy Service was evaluated. Of the 61 patients referred, some type of intervention was performed by the family and community medicine doctor after the pharmaceutical intervention by means of letters; 56.7% were monitored, 33.3% were discontinued, whereas 10.0% were closely monitored. From the findings, it was concluded that interventions aimed at reviewing patients on canaglifozin, based on pharmacovigilance alerts, have been effective, with a high degree of acceptance by the family and community medicine practitioner.

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