Global Nephrology Education and Research: Indian Society should Claim a Place at the High Table


Dr Vivekanand Jha President Elect, ISN    12 January 2018


  1. A future where all people have equitable access to sustainable kidney health
  2. Bridging gaps to available care through generating evidence, advocacy and collaboration.
  3. Building capacity in healthcare professionals.
  1. The ISN Academy is the ISN e-learning platform and mobile app providing access to the latest knowledge in nephrology for all ISN members.
  2. ISN regional training centers play a key role in ISN’s continuing efforts to establish and develop nephrology in low- and middle-income countries.
  3. ISN also has a role in advancing clinical trials; connect with the global kidney trial community to generate more high quality clinical trials and studies in nephrology.
  4. iNET-CKD is building an international network of existing, independently funded CKD cohort studies.
  5. ISN mentorship program is an attempt to match experienced mentors with mentees for a 3-year period to foster expertise building relationships between highly experienced nephrologists and the aspiring nephrologists.
  6. ISN is also helping physicians and researchers in fine-tuning their scientific writing (GRANTA/RESEARCH PAPERS) skills.

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