Enuresis in Children


Dr C Suresh Kumar, Hyderabad    15 January 2018

  1. Voiding of urine in bed after 5 years of age for more than 2 times a week for 3 months is called nocturnal enuresis.
  2. By 5 years of age, 90-95% are dry during the day and 80-85% are continent at night.
  3. Enuresis may be primary (85%) or secondary (15%).
  4. Family history is positive in 50% of cases.
  5. If one parent was enuretic, each child has a 44% risk of enuresis.
  6. If both parents were enuretic, each child has a 77% likelihood of enuresis.
  7. The best approach to treatment is to reassure parents that the condition is self-limited.
  8. The simplest initial measure is motivational.
  9. Initial management – General and motivational.
  10. First-line management includes alarm and desmopressin.
  11. Further treatment – Anticholinergics and tricyclics.
  12. Nearly 98% will have dry nights on their own.

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