Adolescent and Travelers Vaccination


Dr Digant Shastri, Surat    15 January 2018

  1. The IAP recommendation for catch up immunization in adolescents includes MMR vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine, Hepatitis A vaccine, Typhoid vaccine and Varicella vaccine.
  2. The IAP recommendation for adolescent travelers includes Meningococcal vaccine, Yellow fever vaccine, Oral cholera vaccine, Japanese B Encephalitis vaccine, and Rabies vaccine.
  3. IAP recommends that HPV vaccine is of public health importance and should be administered in females (9-14 years, before sexual debut) and males (11-12 years).
  4. IAP recommendations for adolescent immunization in special circumstances are influenza vaccine, JE vaccine, PPSV23 vaccine and Rabies vaccine (-0, 3, 7, 14, 28 days). There is a probability of acquiring a disease while visiting different areas in the country or overseas.
  5. The risk to a traveler of acquiring a disease depends on: Local prevalence of the disease; travel itinerary, duration and style of travel; age, immunization status and current health status of traveler. The available possible means to prevent illness are chemoprophylaxis and vaccination.
  6. Vaccination offers individual protection from acquiring infections while on travel as well as protection from spreading infection among co-travelers/local population of the native land. Ideally, the traveler should be vaccinated 4-8 weeks before departure.
  7. The vaccines for travelers include: Basic vaccines in National Routine Immunization Programs – BCG vaccine, Measles vaccine, Oral Polio vaccine etc.; vaccines advisable before travel to countries or areas at risk of getting the disease- Meningococcal vaccines, Hepatitis A vaccine, Typhoid fever vaccine, Rabies vaccine, Cholera vaccine, JE vaccine, Tick borne encephalitis vaccine; mandatory vaccines by the Internationalhealth regulations – Yellow fever vaccine.

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