Pediatric Polytrauma


Dr Sameer Sadawarte, Mumbai    16 January 2018

  1. Cases of pediatric trauma are increasing in number. About 75-90% of these injuries are preventable. Children are not mini adults.
  2. Drowning, nonaccidental injuries, road traffic accidents and falls are common causes of pediatric polytrauma.
  3. When an emergency physician receives a child with suspected polytrauma, his/her first goal is to assess and provide life sustaining care like oxygenation, support for breathing difficulties, maintaining blood flow to all vital organs of the body, assessment and management of any external hemorrhage, and stabilization of fractures by primary survey, especially injury to cervical spine.
  4. Once the child is stable, pediatric intensivist will assess the child from head to toe by clinical examination, brain neuroimaging and imaging of rest of the body with X-ray, CT scan and sonography to rule out any internal swelling, internal hemorrhage, internal fractures, which can potentially contribute to further critical course.
  5. Once surveys are done and the child stabilizes, targeted treatment as per organ damage is started and maintained, or escalated till the child starts improving.

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