Handling Anger, Aggression and Prevention of Bullying


Dr Swati Y Bhave, Pune    16 January 2018

  1. There are various causes of anger, aggression and bullying in children. Parents and teachers together can prevent and manage it.
  2. Through our NGO, the Association of Adolescent and Child Care in India (AACCI), we have worked on this issue since 2009.
  3. I have done extensive research in this field in over 3,000 school students from various cities in India belonging to various socioeconomic strata.
  4. I have presented prominent papers in various international and national conferences on these issues.
  5. I have designed training modules for parents, teachers and students of different ages.
  6. A national consultative meeting was held by AACCI in Aug 2012 in Delhi where experts from all over India worked for 2 days to discuss various issues.
  7. AACCI conducts regular training workshops on these modules.

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