Assessing the relation between alcohol intake and cardiorespiratory fitness


eMediNexus Editorial    17 January 2018

A cross-sectional population-based study published in the European Heart Journal assessed the link between average alcohol consumption, heavy episodic drinking and cardiorespiratory fitness. The researchers of this study suggested that moderate drinkers displayed better fitness in contrast to current abstainers and people with higher average alcohol consumption across various adult population-based samples.

Data obtained from 5 independent population-based studies including 7,358 males and females aged 20-85 years was analysed. The subjects were free of lung disease or asthma. The results demonstrated that an average alcohol consumption displayed an inverted U-type association with peak oxygen uptake, after adjustment for age, gender, education, smoking and physical activity. Moreover, in comparison to individuals who consumed 10 g/d (moderate consumption), current abstainers and individuals who consumed 50 g/day and 60 g/d had remarkably lower peak oxygen uptake values (ml/kg/min). In addition, heavy episodic drinking was not related to peak oxygen uptake.

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