Current Thoughts and Future Trends for Indian Pediatrician


Dr Santosh T Soans, Mangaluru    18 January 2018

  1. Healthcare requires stronger collective management and accountability guided by a clearer sense of overall direction current challenges in India - Lack of sanitation, low socioeconomic status, illiteracy and crude methods of care. Basic needs of healthcare include accessible, affordable, appropriate, acceptable, efficient, safe and effective care.
  2. Challenges related to end of life care - There are no definitive guidelines; legal issues are major constraints; practices vary with treating doctors and economic exhaustion. There are several challenges in managing VIP patients; Remember three main rules: Value your medical skills and judgment, command the medical aspects, practice medicine the same way for all.
  3. Challenges in medical education - Quality of education; quality of admission; upgrading teachers’ knowledge; quality research; quality of medical graduates. Maintaining the quality in education is a major challenge. There is lack of medical audit and standardization.
  4. India is addressing child health challenges with greater dynamism than ever before.
  5. Safe life of a child is the investment of future.
  6. Team work is important. When “I” becomes “We”, even “illness” becomes “wellness”. To promote child health, we need to strengthen RCH programs, especially in high burden districts to address childhood undernutrition. Vaccines work to save lives. Stress on working to offer rotavirus, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, varicella, pneumococcal, influenza vaccines, etc., to all children.
  7. Strive to reach for health equity. We need programs to reduce disparities. We need recruitment of more and more young, enthusiastic pediatricians to the organization. We need to consider having a trainee membership for PGs.
  8. Encourage undertaking of research projects by students. Support student programs by providing grants to deserving projects.
  9. For consultant pediatricians, there is a need to develop guidelines for common and serious pediatric illnesses. We need to develop centers for bioethics, child abuse, developmental medicine, etc. For the benefit of public, there is a need to work along with central and state governments and improve pediatric care at all levels. There is a need to develop more patient and public educational materials in different Indian languages.
  10. Continuity of care is needed. Care should be extended not just within the walls of examination rooms but beyond the hospital premises. There is a need to strengthen public health services. It requires robust and well-equipped public health services, and availability of full range of services at all times.
  11. We have to be better prepared for epidemics. We must make better use of media to reach out to the masses, and to educate them with regard to better health.

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