Anti-tTG among Children with Functional Constipation.


eMediNexus    23 January 2018

The goal of a study published in the Arquivos de Gastroenterologia was to evaluate the frequency of elevated anti-tissue transglutaminase (anti-tTG) in children with constipation, after failure to improve during 6 week of appropriate treatment for constipation. This cross sectional study recruited 550 children with chronic constipation with a mean age of 6.8±2.9 years, of which 277 were males and 273 were females. Here, constipation was defined according to ROME III criteria; chronic constipation was the one which had failed to resolve after 6 weeks of appropriate treatment. Anti tTG>10 was considered positive if IgA was normal. The findings showed that Anti tTG antibody level was 5.8±2.8 unit/mL in these patients. Whereas, 7.6% of the patients elicited positive anti-TTG antibody. Additionally, celiac disease was histopathologically confirmed in 40 children. From the results, it was concluded that anti-tTG was positive in 7.6% children with chronic constipation who failed to respond after 6 week of treatment.

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