Effect of air bubbles localization and migration on assisted reproductive technology outcome.


eMediNexus    27 January 2018

A new study published in Fertility and Sterility evaluated the effect of embryo flash position and movement of the air bubbles at 1 and 60 minutes after embryo transfer (ET) on clinical pregnancy rates (PRs). This study included 230 fresh ultrasound-guided ETs performed by a single physician at an in vitro fertilization (IVF) center, between September 2016 and February 2017. The findings revealed no significant difference in clinical PRs between women with embryo flash located >15 mm and <15 mm from the fundus, at 1 or 60 minutes. The PRs in women with embryo flash located <15 mm and >15 mm from the fundus were 47% and 60%, respectively. While the clinical intrauterine PRs were 69.5%, 38.5%, and 19.1% in fundal, static, and cervical, respectively; that is, the highest PR was in fundal. Meanwhile, the clinical PR seemed to be associated with the embryo flash movement/migration; on the other hand, the PR was dramatically reduced when the embryo migrated from its original position toward the cervix, at 60 minutes. Hence, it was inferred that clinical PR appears to be associated with the embryo flash movement/migration at 60 minutes after ET; and embryo flash movement toward the fundus is associated with higher clinical PRs.

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