Childhood constipation.


eMediNexus    29 January 2018

An article published in the British Journal of Nursing reported that constipation is a common childhood condition and a majority of these cases are idiopathic in nature. A large number of cases remain undetected due to under-recognition by families, embarrassment regarding the condition, fear of receiving a negative response from health professionals or parental presumptions. This article revealed that prompt evaluation and management of childhood constipation renders better outcomes. It was stated that to facilitate an earlier diagnosis and medical intervention, early evaluation, accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment strategy is necessary. In this, nurses and other health care professionals who happen to be in regular contact with families, are suitably placed to detect these symptoms early and can play a major part in successful management of the condition. It was further stated that laxatives are the first line in management of constipation. Polyethylene glycol 3350 is recommended by evidence-based guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (2010) as the initial pharmacological management. Nevertheless, supportive measures, such as diet and lifestyle changes are adjuvants towards achieving better outcomes.

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